Barbell Jobs was created to fill a huge void in the recruitment market. Despite the HIIT-based workout’s exploding popularity, there were no Functional Fitness-specific job boards available.

As a result, studio owners were struggling to find top talent, and instructors couldn’t grow their careers. When this problem started to affect me, I knew something had to change.

What do you do when you can’t find a solution to a problem you’re facing? Build one yourself…

Back in 2019, we created a Facebook group, as a hub for job opportunities in the space. But after the group grew to more than 7.3k members, it became clear we needed something bigger and more flexible to continue operating.

After a minor rebrand and website refresh, Barbell Jobs has emerged as the one to watch in the fitness recruitment sector. Since then, we’ve continued to advocate for top talent by making it easy for them to find opportunities all over the world, as well as assisting coaches and gyms in their growth.

Barbell Jobs is now one of the leading jobs boards not just for Functional Fitness but for people in the fitness industry as a whole.

And we’re only just getting started…

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