Published 2021-01-29

A Retention Plan Your Members Will Love To Be A Part Of

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The retention strategy we are about to discuss is one that I have created five years ago and used in my gym for years. To date, every member who has participated in it are still members of my gym. To say again, I still have 100% of my members who have become involved in this as members of my facility.

In my gym, we have what we call Trophy Banners. To get a Trophy Banner, we have specific achievements that a member can do at any time. Once they achieve the goal, we buy a 3′ banner with their picture on it and the achievement they accomplished. These banners cost $18 to make, but the members get beyond excited when they see their banner go up on the wall. A rule of the banner is that if they are no longer a member of the gym for any reason, the banner immediately gets disposed of. If they leave and come back, they have to achieve the same goal again to have a banner go back up. Knowing that the banner gets thrown away is a fantastic motivation for the members to continue to come regularly.

Here are our achievements to get a Trophy Banner;

  • 12-minute plank
  • 1,200-pound powerlifting total for men
  • 600-pound powerlifting total for women
  • 100-mile row in 30 days
  • 1,000 logged workouts
  • 30 pounds lost
  • 50 pounds lost
  • 70 pounds lost
  • 500 burpees in an hour
  • 100% on Army PT Test (this is the old test, but it is scored based on age, so it is fair for everyone)

There is no better way to decorate your facility than hanging pictures of your members and their achievements on the wall. The more banners that go up, the more that other members want one of their own.

You can find a dozen different websites to make the banners. If you need a recommendation for the company I use, feel free to email me for the company I use.

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