Published 2021-02-21

The Most Important Coach Role You Don’t Have

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The most important role you should hire for that you do not already have is an Accountability Coach. This is a dual-purpose role because this position also serves as a retention specialty for your business. Not only will this coach grow your sales and increase member results, but working with this coach will ensure your members stay with you for the long term while achieving higher fitness and satisfaction in your facility than they otherwise would have.

We are going to discuss this role, and what their responsibilities are and a template job description you can edit for your specific needs.

So, what is an Accountability Coach?

An accountability coach is a coach whos main focus in your facility is to monitor, create a dialogue with, and follow up with your members’ fitness and nutrition programs. This coach is responsible for making sure your members are meeting their individual goals, keeping track of their measurements following their workout tracking to make sure they are progressing and following up when they start to plateau or slip as well as holding them accountable to their nutritional goals. The accountability coach will be your front line for retention. Think about how many members you have in your facility right now. Now imagine if 80% or more of the members who moved on were still there with you and progressing with their health and fitness, and even paying you monthly. That is the job of your Accountability Coach.

You could allow one of your current coaches to do this on top of their coaching duties, but this in itself should be a full-time position, and it is a position that will pay tremendous dividends for your business growth. If this person is coaching more than a single class a day, they can not give this valuable growth position the attention it should have.

Below is a template to add to your job description for your accountability coach.

Key Responsibilities

Coaching: Here, you will want to put your individual needs for a general coach if this position will also coach regular clients in a group setting.

Member Accountability:

Keep a file of each member, which will include their base starting strengths, weight, benchmarks, and initial body measurements.

Hold initial one on one meetings with all members to get the above information while discussing and creating both short term and long term goals. These goals will be written down, and the Accountability Coach will help them to create a plan for those goals and working with other coaches on staff to modify and modify workouts when necessary for the members to reach their goals.

Complete bi-weekly in-person conversations to stay connected with members throughout the week to check in with and discuss their goals, how they are feeling, any roadblocks that could prevent them from reaching their goals, and having thoughtful conversations on how to work around those roadblocks.

Conduct weekly phone calls to members who have missed more than four days of working out to check in with them and discuss their absence, why they have been absent, and to bring them back into the gym before they become a retention risk.

When members start to miss their goals, this coach will schedule meeting with them or visit with them after class to discuss why their goals are not progressing and to create a thoughtful and caring plan to get them back on track. This can include modifying workouts, helping with nutrition, selling personal training sessions, and selling supplements to help the member reach their goals.

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