Published 2021-01-20

Follow-Up Letters Help You Get The Coaching Job

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The second you hit “apply” on a job posting, your interview process has started. Gym owners need more than your resume and cover letter to decide if they want to proceed with you to the next step in the interview process. Everything they can find about you online, they will, this is all a part of the interview process. They will look first at your cover letter. If the cover letter is acceptable, they will move on to your resume, if they do not like your cover letter, or worse, you didn’t put one, the resume will never be opened and the interview process is over. If there are two or three people going through the interview process (there will at least be that many), how you follow up could be more important than any other step in the process.

Go Beyond The Interview With A Follow Up Letter:

One of the most important things you can do to help secure the coaching position is following up with a thank-you note. The note lets the interviewer know for sure you are dedicated to getting this position within their facility while giving them an extra look at if you are the kind of person who can fit into their community and culture.

You want to send the note as soon as possible. However, this note should be an old school means of communication. We do not want to email it or “slide into their dm’s” with it. The note should be handwritten and delivered. I suggest that the note is mailed and done so with next day delivery so that you can make the biggest and best impact. Getting true, mailed and handwritten letters are a rarity in the days of email and spam mail. This is your last attempt to delight the interviewer before they make their decision about you or the competition also competing for this same job.

What should the follow-up letter say?

When you prepare the thank you letter, at the start of it you want to be kind, polite and thank them for your time. Next, retouch on things from the interview that you should explain better, or any additional revenue ideas you may have had. During the interviews, try to make mental notes about the pain points of the interviewer and the facility, mentioning how you could help with these would be a great way to get them to think further about you.

No matter what you put in the follow-up letter, just make sure you write on because if you do not, there is a strong possibility that your competition read this blog as well and already mailed theirs.

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