Published 2019-07-14

Get Noticed By Gym Owners

Get noticed by gym owners

We all know the world has changed and the “strength culture” has exploded.

It is no secret that CrossFit spearheaded at the right time which has brought up USA Weightlifting, Powerlifting, functional fitness and untold other changes having dramatic growth as well.

With the rise of these gyms, the need for quality coaches has dramatically increased, and that is where we have the problem.

Gyms want to grow, athletes want to become coaches, but there has been a giant disconnect between the two that everyone has been begging to be addressed.

We have thousands of quality athletes and coaches that are ready to take the next step in their career and they just do not know how. Guys, this is going to change your life.

Here is what you need to do to be noticed by employers.

Resume example

Create Your Profile

Firstly, you must create your profile on by going here.

When you are filling out your profile you must make it stand out.

There are two sections that are absolutely invaluable for you to get the job of your dreams.

First, you have the section called “What’s your passion?” This is a chance your you to go outside of the traditional resume and show your employer what makes you different from everyone else that is going to be applying for the position.

If your passion is working with special needs kids, tell them and explain why you excel at this.

If you have a passion for working with the elderly community because your grandmother was in a nursing home and now you have increased her quality of life by adding bone density and muscle strength, this is your opportunity.

As a gym owner myself, I have to see the fire in the eyes of a person wanting to work with the members I call family and you can’t share that through a traditional resume, but here on BarbellJobs you can.

Be Active on Social Media

Secondly, there is a space to share videos to your YouTube channel.

This is an amazing addition because you will have the opportunity to blow the employer away the first time they get to see you.

Gyms need media content, show them that you have that skill and can add value to their business.

Get rid of the videos of your cats and replace them with videos of you showing how to do muscle up progressions or videos explaining how the nervous system reacts to post activation potentiation.

Employers can view your profiles, as they are going through, offer them something that will make them want to create a position for you if they do not already have one.

You should treat your profile as your key to the life you want.

Remember that your profile is just like your time in the gym, partial efforts only bring partial results.

Skip the line and connect directly with hiring managers and companies looking for you.

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