Published 2020-01-17

How To Attract The Best Talent

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It is not easy to get the best coaches to want to work in your facility.

We are at a time in the fitness industry where there are more highly qualified coaches than there are available positions for them.

Your job ad must stand out.

Don’t get in the rut of thinking you are only competing for the coaches in your area, a coach in your area may see your open position but also be considering one 1,000 miles away that offers them more benefits or is a better career opportunity.

Here are what coaches are looking for in a position.

What Coaches look for

  1. If it brings their career to a new level
  2. If the position can offer them career advancement within the facility
  3. The passion of the owner matters. If the owner isn’t passionate about their product, how can they expect a new employee to be?
  4. If the facility can offer them more responsibility
  5. If they can get training on the business side
  6. The opportunity to have the costs of continuing education covered
  7. If you offer medical insurance

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