Published 2020-10-15

How To Find The Perfect Coach


The most important addition we can make to any gym is often the most overlooked. It’s not our equipment, not even the building or even programming. What matters most above all, is who we hire. This is true from the absolute start of the business.

We all open our gyms with dreams and expectations of how large our facility will grow. Perhaps your vision includes not just one large gym but many gyms, maybe even a franchise. Legitimate, long-lasting companies don’t happen by accident. Making substantial money and hiring great coaches do not just happen. Both are very hard to do and require you to be forward-thinking about these from the very start.

Even when you are a small business with your time and resources at the most limited, finding and hiring the right coaches who have both the passion and drive you to have yourself is the most important thing you can do for the future of your company.

When you start out, even when you’ve been established for a while, you will not have access to the best coaches. They are going to be working for much larger gyms for much more compensation. This is why we often try to hire from within even though we all know the pitfalls of trying to turn athletes into coaches. When an athlete becomes a coach at their own gym, it’s simply a bandaid until we can find real coaches, no matter if we admit it or not, we know deep down that it’s not perfect.

To find the right coaches in the beginning years of your business, you have to always be looking. Even if you don’t “need” a coach at that moment, eventually you will have to find great coaches to grow your business. You will want to always keep your eyes open for the diamond in the rough while you’re growing. You’ll want to be trying to find that amazing coach who is between positions or just starting to look to see what else is available. If there is an opportunity for a fantastic coach to work for you, but you’re not ready to add staff, you may be letting your future GM go work for your competition, who could one day be the catalyst that puts you out of business or prevents your growth.

When hiring coaches, here is the most important question you must ask yourself about each person you talk to: Does this person have the same passion and commitment to this gym and my dream that I do? Whenever you can answer “yes”, you’ve found your next coach. An easy way to single out these coaches quickly is the cover letter they use when applying for your position. The cover letter is the first line of defense against a poor hiring choice. As a rule, when posting my own positions I always include very specific directions to be in the cover letter. If the person has not followed the directions or hasn’t made a custom cover letter for my opportunity, their resume doesn’t even get opened. A coach who can’t follow directions is a coach I can’t risk my income to rely on. For my own positions, I hire for, I leave a position listed on BarbellJobs 100% of the time. Even if I am not needing anyone, I know the importance of finding that one, special coach to add to the team whenever the opportunity comes. Eventually, it brings you many of these special coaches and one day you’ll look around and find that over time with your persistence and forward-thinking, you have a staff of 10s all working to drive your dream, business and income forward.

If you are one of these forward-thinking business owners who understand the importance of finding the right staff, our suggestion is the use of the Smart & Successful Affiliate Owner Package. This allows you to post 5 different positions that are listed for a year at a time. That’s 5 jobs listed for your most important positions so you can build yourself a staff full of perfect 10s over time. It allows you to cast a large net to catch the very best coaches in the industry, giving you the ability to maximize your income and business growth.

If you’re a coach who wants to find the best coaches who are as passionate about your dream and growth as you are, click HERE to kickstart your staff and earning potential.

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