Published 2021-01-27

How to give your coach a pay raise

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How to give your coach a pay raise without costing you money. We can all agree on one thing; we all want to have more financial freedom. Coaches are no different, and being a career coach, it’s often difficult to get a pay raise. The ability to get a raise almost always depends on if the facility has enough revenue to be able to pay more per hour. For a gym owner who truly wants to take care of their employees, it’s sometimes a choice between giving the coach more money to make them happy and changing the facilities’ bottom line. If the facility is having a bit of a harder time and not able to give the raise, you may wind up in an awkward position of having to replace a coach as well.

That doesn’t have to be the case, though. There are ways that you, as the facility owner, can pay your coach more while increasing your revenue.

The fastest way to generate new revenue for your coach so they can have a raise is to help them create a new program in your facility. However, that is easier said than done. The best program you can create right now is a powerlifting program. For one, the financial benefits are enormous, and sadly, the economic potential is mostly untapped by CrossFit facilities. Here is an example; this weekend, I coached at a powerlifting meet. I have taken a team to this same event for the last four years. The first year the competition had about 30 lifters. In the second year, there were about 60 lifters, all the new ones female from CrossFit gyms. The third-year grew as well, and this weekend the meet director told me they have over 140 lifters. Keep in mind that nearly all of these new lifters over the past years were females from CrossFit gyms, and almost none of them had a coach with them. This event was full of CrossFit athletes looking for something new and had zero direction from their coaches; they just did it on their own. I coach every few weeks at a powerlifting meet, and the growth has been the same across the board, and all the growth is coming from CrossFit athletes. If you want to read more about this exact topic, how to start a program, and the financial opportunity available, read this blog post.

Another way you can give your coach a raise is by adding additional services such as nutrition coaching or an Accountability Coach. Creating an Accountability Coach program is relatively easy. In this role, the coach will meet one on one with members to help them create and identify individual goals. The coach will then monitor the goals and keep in touch with the members to keep them on track. This program can be as elaborate and detailed as you like. If your facility has 100 members, and 60 of them sign up for the accountability program at even just $30 a month, that is an extra $1,800 in revenue coming into the facility. Out of the $1,800, you can do a 60/40 split with the coach who essentially gives them a pay raise of $1,080 a month, or $12,960 a year while at the same time bringing you as the owner $8,640 a year in revenue. The added benefit is this should also be considered a retention program. As gym owners, we all know that members with goals are members who stay around.

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