Published 2020-04-09

How To Guarantee The Coaching Job

How to guarantee the coaching job

Standing out can be hard. There are 1,000’s of career coaches searching for the best positions every day in our industry.

With so much experienced and qualified coaches fighting for the same position as you are, how can you stand out and make an impression?

Make A Video Resume

Shooting a video resume at home

In our industry, we have a few truths.

  1. We are always recording something
  2. Being able to make content is beyond valuable
  3. All of us gym owners are terrified about bringing the wrong personality into our community

If along with your resume and custom cover letter to the facility, if you make a YouTube cover letter and resume for the facility to include with your application you will absolutely be the standout and almost guarantee a front running position for the job.

This will show the facility owner that you are absolutely interested, that you will go above and beyond, that you can make content and show your personality as well as going beyond just a resume and humanizing yourself.

Skip the line and connect directly with hiring managers and companies looking for you.

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