Published 2021-01-18

How To Impress A Potential Hire

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Your Second First Impression

You have had your Skype interview, now the potential new coach is coming to the gym for the in-person interview, and it is their first time seeing your facility with their own eyes. When you meet them, et them see your REAL excitement about the meeting. The coach knowing you are excited to meet with them doesn’t put you in a weaker position; this is someone you want to be real with. They will become not only your employees but also a close friend. Let them know you are excited about the potential to have them in your life. People won’t remember the first thing you said to them, but they will remember the way you made them feel the first time you met.

You want to give this coach your full attention. Put your phone in your desk drawer before the coach gets there. Leave it in your car; just do not have it on you. They traveled to meet you for this interview, so they have already earned your full attention, and they will remember that you never once pulled out your phone.

Help them feel comfortable. An interview can be very stressful; you want to conduct this in a way that feels like two new friends having a conversation about specific topics.

Explain The Keys For Success And Growth

You want to fully layout for them precisely what success in this position looks like. Is it signing on new clients for personal training if they are a coach? Possibly the job is for a business manager, and they are expected to increase retention by 30%. Whatever real success looks like in the position, make sure it is evident for them.

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