Published 2021-02-04

Increase Your Knowledge With A Powerlifting Certification

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One of the greatest ways you can increase your revenue is by adding programs for your members to buy in to. By this point, every CrossFit coach and Box owner realize that one of the best programs to add is a powerlifting program. If you haven’t realized that yet, you should read this article about the explosive growth of powerlifting within the CrossFit community.

There are massive differences in how a CrossFit athlete will perform the bench press, deadlift and squat compared to how a powerlifter performs those same movements. CrossFit athletes perform the movements in a way so they can typically do as many reps as possible. A powerlifter performs the techniques in a way that maximizes the most weight they can move in a single rep. Unless the CrossFit coach has experience in a powerlifting environment, they will not know how the techniques differ.

If you are interested in adding a powerlifting program and learning not only how to perform and coach the movements correctly as well as how to coach at a meet, the online certification for American Strength Club Powerlifting L1 is available. This course is completely online and priced at a point where it is education that is available to anyone who wants to increase their skills and knowledge.

Ready to increase your revenue per member, to start new classes and to help your coach get a raise by coaching your new powerlifting class? Click the button below to be certified.

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