Published 2019-12-19

Why BarbellJobs Is The Best Solution

Barbelljobs is made for one reason, to help the fitness industry grow.

We are not here as a catch-all for every job in the world; we are here for YOU, the gym owner.

Here is the problem with the traditional boards. They want to market to everyone and everything. That is good for them; there is money in that.

Why that is bad for you though, is the same unemployed college kids who just clicked apply to KFC, JC Pennys, Crackerbarrel, and whatever else is also applying to you, which not only costs you money but wastes your time.

Let’s compare some critical differences between and the other guys.

So what is offers posting for no less than 90 days to make sure you have all the time you need to get the best staff possible for only $85.00.

We also market directly to your industry through social media, our business Facebook Page, Instagram Page, Twitter, Pinterest, up to 20 Facebook groups, and direct email alerts.

We don’t care about the other industries; we focus on YOU, your CrossFit© box, your UFC© gym, your powerlifting gym, your health club, whatever you run in the fitness industry, we are here for you and only you.

Monster Job Posting Cost – Monster offers 30 and 60-day job posting options. Pricing for a single job posting on Monster for 30 days starts at $375, 60 days for $395. So, $395 for 60 days on Monster vs. $85 for 90 days on They don’t market your job to your industry; they only take your money and post your job. You have to hope the right person finds it instead of them seeing them for you.

Career Builder Job Posting Costs – Single job posting pricing begins at $419 for 30 days only. Holy crap, you would need to hit the Nose Torque ammonia to get the adrenaline built up to pay that.

Simply Hired Job Posting Cost – SimplyHired costs $99 to sponsor one job for 30 days. It still breaks down to over 3x as much as, and they don’t market to your industry.

LinkedIn Job Posting Cost – LinkedIn sells a 30-day job posting for $495.00. This is an excellent solution for those who like to burn their money without seeing results. isn’t just a Staffing and Recruiting Agency that caters to your company; we are a part of your industry, that same industry we are trying to better by providing a solution for.

How many of you have been in the affiliate owners forums or gym owners forums and Facebook and have seen posts from gyms owners trying to find somebody to fill a coaching spot in their club?

Or have you seen big-name gyms posting an open job on Instagram hoping to find the right coach? We all have, and that is why we are here.

There isn’t a need to waste time looking for coaches to hire, they are already here, registered on BarbellJobs and actively looking to work for you.

Perhaps your facility needs a more targeted approach to find a particular skill set and knowledge base in a coach. If that is you, you should consider Talent Acquisition Recruiting for your staffing needs.

If you are ready to increase your coaching staff, click below.

Skip the line and connect directly with hiring managers and companies looking for you.

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