Published 2020-09-10

Your Profile Is Keeping You From Job Offers


In talking with employers on BarbellJobs, one thing that stands out is ALL EMPLOYERS check the profile of the candidates before they contact them about an interview.

If a candidate’s profile isn’t filled out properly, they are almost guaranteed to NOT receive an interview.

There are hundreds of registered employers who find candidates for interviews that do not even post public jobs. Many employers choose to have profile access so they can continuously search for the perfect coach. The perfect coach will ALWAYS have a fully completed profile with a picture attached. Having a picture makes you more than a faceless profile, but brings you to life as a real coach.

Recently we have had many coaching positions that pay more than $100,000 a year. Looking back, every coach who had succeeded in getting the job had a fully completed profile that the employer was able to look at and learn more about the coach beyond their resumes.

BarbellJobs has thousands of coaching profiles of coaches who are actively looking for a move up in their career. If you’re a coach who spends time completing and putting care in your profile, you’re a coach who is going to succeed before others.

Skip the line and connect directly with hiring managers and companies looking for you.

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