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Afternoon CrossFit Coach

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CrossFit Octopus

Job Summary
We are seeking energetic individuals to add to our dynamic coaching staff. We have a family-oriented, fun, and often times entertaining environment.
We are seeking part-time and hourly coaches that are eager to teach and motivate our athletes.
Responsibilities and Duties
Utilize the CrossFit training methodology to lead 1 hour class.

Class Example:
*10 min group Warm up
* 5 min overview of workout/let the class get set up / demo lifts and exercises
* 30-45 min Workout
* 5 min Cool down and stretch

• Brief every class on workout and scaling options at whiteboard before each segment. Here is an opportunity to focus on one to three points of performance.
• Connects individually with every athlete at least once, if not twice, each class.
• Facilitates inclusive and friendly interaction with the entire class, and between individuals.
• Provides clear and effective progressions during coach-led segments.
• Controls tempo and positions of everyone during coach-led reviews.
• Ability to micromanage troubled movers without slowing the rest of the class down, and provides concise solutions for individuals who need it.
• Confidence to stop and scale improper and unsafe movement, even at the expense of performance results.
• Encourages individuals to scale up when you think it’s appropriate.
• Prioritized and methodical cueing, during warm-ups, lifting, and metcons.

Qualifications and Skills
•* Required Experience*

*Some coaching experience (group or individual)

Know how to coach the Olympic Lifts

*Coaching: 1 year
*CrossFit certification

Job Type: Part-time