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Apprentice Strength and Movement Coach

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GHP is a personal training studio that specializes 1-on-1 and small group coaching. We offer personalized services to help people with their consistency exercising, ability to eat healthy long term, and actual lifestyle. Relationship building is of the utmost importance. Most our members are working adults and middle/high school athletes.

We are looking to bring on an Apprentice coach who we may potentially hire. Our goal is to help mold you in to a top level coach, spending lot’s of our energy mentoring and teaching you.

The Apprentice Strength and Movement Coach with GHP will be responsible for:

  • coaching 1-on-1 and small group sessions
  • learn, learn, learn
  • helping with upkeep

There is a hiring opportunity out of this position


  • $400/month for 12hours/week

There may be outside continuing education opportunities depending on time of the year, as well as opportunities for you to do specialized programs if you are specially equipped to do them.

As a good culture fit, one must consider themselves a global citizen – we have a diverse member base from many countries and backgrounds and much of the owner’s experience and founding of GHP is based on this.

Here’s what we are looking for:

Must Have All

High energy

Engaging with people

Values Health & Fitness and embodies it themselves

Self starter

Teaching type of person

Needs to Have Most

Demonstrably understands Anatomy and Physiology

Experience in Health and Fitness: S&C coach, track coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor, etc

Lives an active engaging life: ie. outdoor activities, has a travel bug, etc

Athletic experience OR undergone a transformational weight loss through fitness

Detail oriented

Bachelors or Masters in Exercise Science or related study

Would be Great to Have Any

Track & field OR competitive weightlifting experience (high preference given)

Experience in commission based sales & retention based pay

The Overachiever type

Is a yoga instructor or has lot’s of yoga experience

Accounting Exp.

Social media savvy

Marathon coaching

Is a Physical therapist or Athletic Trainer

Has international experience or interest

Our training is based on a scientific understanding of human physiology and experience coaching many people across many backgrounds.

If this is something that sounds intriguing to you, please head over to… and fill out the information form and I will follow up with next steps