What are you looking for?

A part-time job in fitness? Something to pay the bills? A pathway for self development?
Answer that first, then read on to see whether or not we’re a fit for you.

Who we are, is a community of individuals with a common goal, “to live a life of active existence.” What we do is work with PEOPLE. We educate them in health, fitness, and mindset. We challenge them, get them outside their comfort zone, and push them to their physical and mental limit; so that they can be better, go farther, and live their lives more fully.

We are not a CrossFit box. We don’t live to train…we train to live. Our athletes aren’t looking to go to the games, or be elite powerlifters. They train hard so they can live more fully. Some are new to this. Some have been in the game a decade or more. Some are coaches & trainers from all walks of the industry who are seeking more out of their fitness experience.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of…hit us up ASAP!


Flexibility to coach between 2- 15 classes/week

1-on-1 Sessions & Specialty Course if interested


✅Positive View of Life

✅Forever a Student – Never an Expert

✅Likes People, Conversations, Relationship Building

Who You Be:

✅ A Person of Integrity – Do what you say you’re going to do, what’s expected of you, and do it in a timely manner of which it’s expected.

✅ On-Time.

✅ Responsible – Someone who takes 100% ownership of failure.


✅ NerdyAF in areas such as, health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, skill acquisition, outdoor skills, hiking, climbing, and any other areas of adventure.

✅ Formal Background in Fitness, lifting, CrossFit, or similar areas.

✅ Loves to play outside.

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