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The Dirty South Gyms is seeking a Part-Time CrossFit Level 1 Trainer In the South Orlando area at our CrossFit Kings Point location.

Our goal is to grow the Dirty South Gyms community by utilizing effective, efficient, and fun fitness. We design programs to help athletes achieve their fitness goals inside and outside the box. As a part of CrossFit, athletes are guided, motivated, and coached every step of the way through unique and structured workouts.

Beyond fitness, the Dirty South Gyms are a community of strong, healthy individuals who work hard, play hard, and have fun! We are invested in our athletes and support them not only in the box but also with life achievements outside the box.
We are currently looking for a professional and experienced coach, so we can continue to grow our community and our offerings to members.

The role of the Coach will be to exude the vision and mission of the Dirty South Gyms which is Changing the lives of 1000 people in our community through the awakening of what their mind and body can do when nutrition, CrossFit, and community are valued highly and made a part of their daily lives. In other words, “If you let it, this place will change you.”

We are seeking a highly motivated, fitness enthusiast who will follow and respect our core values and coaching techniques. We are always happy, humble and love to hustle.

The CrossFit Coach is responsible for the following:
-Guide athletes through daily workouts (WODs), while creating a fun and productive atmosphere for them to achieve their goals.
-Understand and demonstrate functional movements, understand and explain the CrossFit methodology, and have the necessary skills to scale and modify movements and/or workouts for any ability level and/or physical limitation that a member may have.
-Start and end class on time.
-Welcome any new members or prospects.
-Sign in and account for all athletes attending each class.
-Wear the proper coaching attire.
-Handle membership inquiries; provide information about our program and schedule intro sessions. Assist with sales of new memberships and merchandise.
-Teach additional programs such as endurance programs, strength clinics, etc. (Continued education encouraged.)
-Participate in community events that take place throughout the year.
-Provide athletes with health and fitness guidance on various topics that will empower them to lead healthy lives.
-Assist in keeping all the gym area and its equipment clean and organized.

At the Dirty South Gyms, our members’ safety and happiness is of the utmost importance, followed closely by the achievement of their goals, as well as the camaraderie and community among members and staff. It will be up to you as the Coach to lead by example and, on a daily basis, foster and strengthen the community we have created.

Job Types: Part-time, Contract