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$500/Year Personal Education Stipend (Reimbursement)Sick Pay

We’re looking for a Coach

Role Descriptions – Group class coach

Arrive fifteen minutes early to class in order to build relationships with members who get there before class by checking on them, their families, and current bright spots or pain points.

Brief the workout at the whiteboard, and go over movements and stimulus (explain the why!) quickly.

Lead the class in an effective group warmup, 1 touch point on every member by the end of it

Coach the class, prioritizing safety, fun, and timeliness.

Ensure scores are logged, PRs are noted and equipment is put away.

Gather bright spots and lead post-workout cooldown.

If you are the last class of the day, stage the room for the following day.

Personal Trainer

Welcome clients 10 minutes before session begins.

  • Start session precisely on time.
  • Make sure client is laughing and smiling, and be sure to mention details from the client’s personal life–specifically focusing on mirroring tone, energy, and client style (controller, analyst, cooperater, emoter)
  • Begin with warm-up and specific skill work.
  • Explain the relevance of the specific work with reference to the client’s overall goals.
  • Lead and motivate the client through the specific work.
  • Log results.
  • Lead cool down and encourage the client to ask questions.
  • Inquire about the client’s interests outside the gym and review a Bright Spot from the session.
  • Assign homework and book next session.


  • Must have full-time availability–20-25 hours of coaching and 10 hours of admin work/week.
  • Must have some weekend availability–at least 4 weekend mornings/month. Saturdays between 7 and 10 am, Sundays between 9-11am.
  • Must live within or be willing to move to a 30 minute radius of FRCF


Starting pay of $36,000/year

Incentive based pay after starting pay is covered.

After that $55-$61/session for personal training sessions. $20-$30 group class.

Ranges depend on certifications, evaluations, and retention.