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Coach / GM

Cash Incentivesand Ownership

We’re looking for a Coach / GM

We are looking for an individual to coach multiple classes each week, preferably evening classes but mornings are also available.

This individual will have flexibility to choose his/her schedule, with the only caveat being that a certain number of classes (8-12) need to be coached each week.

The position allows for the individual to have another job or be in school. The head coach will be integral to the overall success of the gym.

There is an opportunity for his/her duties and responsibilities to grow into a general manager/owner role, assuming the individual wants to take on some more significant managerial tasks.

Primary Functions

  • Coach multiple classes each week
  • Follow-up with new and potential members via email and phone
  • Take a role with posting on the gym’s social media
  • Become involved with the gym’s programming
  • Manage retail and merchandise inventory, restocking and reordering
  • Be an ambassador for the gym at all times


  • L1 CrossFit Trainer
  • Coach 8-12 CrossFit classes per week
  • Must be willing to work out regularly at the gym
  • Must have a desire to form strong relationships with coaches, owners, clients, and partners

Reporting Structure

  • Report directly to owners.
  • Formal Appraisal
  • Quarterly.


  • Flat fee of $30 per class or a negotiated monthly salary based on preset schedule and taking on some managerial type tasks, to include: marketing, programming, scheduling, and new member quotas.
  • Free membership for a significant other
  • Percentage of membership dues for any new members brought into the gym
  • Other potential opportunities for income
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Private Onramp or training
  • Nutritional Consulting
  • Corporate Relationships
  • Merchandise