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Conditioning Coach

Conditioning Coach Job Description

Bulletproof Fitness, as the name implies, is about enabling clients to move and feel their best so that they can live active, healthy lives. Our gym has 2 rooms: one strength and one conditioning. This job is for the classes in the conditioning room. Our main class in there is a HIIT class and it is 50-minutes long. It essentially consists of 3-5 metcons, each lasting 4-10 minutes long, using just the erg, dumbbells, and bodyweight movements. The class programming is provided, so coaches do not have to worry about that. Also, coaches do NOT workout alongside clients in our HIIT class.

This position would coach the HIIT class and, if interested, our Cardio class (we can explain that during the interview). In the HIIT class, the coach’s main responsibility is to lead clients through a warm-up that is relevant to the day’s movements, provide clients with scaling options as necessary, and provide some coaching during the workouts.

In short, the primary responsibilities of the coach are:

  • No programming required.
  • Warm-ups: while we have 3-4 core warm-up movements that we want coaches to do each class, the remainder of the warm-up would be the coach’s responsibility. Warm-ups need to be relevant to that day’s workout, so they’ll be unique from class to class. Mobility is very important to our gym culture so we take warm-ups seriously.
  • Music: either stream a station from any of the services we subscribe to or provide a playlist of acceptable music for the class.
  • Social media: all we ask is that you help promote the gym via tagging us in personal social media posts once a week.
  • No other administrative duties. Just show up prepared, get to know the clients, and coach!

Coach Requirements:

  • Certifications relevant to this type of coachig. Examples: CSCS, CF L1, and NASM.
  • Ability to command a class with confidence
  • Although not a strict requirement, we prefer candidates with experience teaching beginners
  • Preference for coaches who feel confident rowing (a lot centers on the erg)