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CrossFit and Fitness Coach

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We’re looking for CrossFit and Fitness Coach

Coach position is responsible for conducting an invigorating and appropriately challenging classes. This includes ensuring that functional movement patterns are performed in a safe manner to reduce the risk of injury. The Coach is responsible for providing customized fitness programs to customer that include education and guidance on paper nutrition, functional movement and programs to help the member achieve their fitness goals within the gym’s policy guidelines.

Coach position should also actively encourage potential clients/members to join and adhere to regular classes, employing appropriate motivational strategies to achieve club targets.

Conducts classes as directed, undertakes programming for group classes.

Works closely with sales team to secure new memberships and actively promotes personal training.

Conducts service appointments with members includes body composition analysis, and providing nutritional and lifestyle advice, etc.

Continually monitors and assists members to ensure proper form is used when performing exercises.

Continually monitors facility for cleanliness and tidiness and returns equipment to storage areas at conclusion of classes.

Daily engage with social media by collaborating with marketing team to create the required marketing content i.e. shooting promotional videos and educational content on a regular basis.

Educate and promote Lionizer CrossFit “Law of the box” and ensuring members clean equipment after use and return it to their allocated storage area and ensuring all equipment is in good order to maintain optimal member service and experience.

Support all club promotions and actively promote Lionizer CrossFit services thus ensuring members maximize their gym membership.

Take part in presenting the company in corporate sales events and activities.

Have a clear understanding of business objectives, vision and values.

Demonstrate personal commitment to RECIPE values.

Perform ad hoc request, duties, and projects as assigned or requested from the head coach or the management.