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CrossFit Coaches Wanted

An established CrossFit affiliate in Gig Harbor, WA is seeking coaches to support the gym’s mission and growth. The gym serves a niche market of military, fire, police, business owners, families and professionals. We have a thriving community and kids’ program. You will find the environment to be focused on the betterment of the individual with aims to build fitness, community and family. The gym is at a turning point recovering from the last 18 months in a growing town and the future is bright.

The gym is an outlier in that you will not find back-to-back 60-minute classes or commercially available programming. The format utilizes custom programming designed to create lifelong strength, conditioning and mobility and to allow you to train all week. We focus on active recovery and yoga to support these goals. We have a wide range of athletes in terms of skill and age which are united by a common goal of self-improvement.

We are looking to build a win win relationship. CrossFit experience is preferred. We look forward to talking with you!