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CrossFit Level 1 Head Coach

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At South Naperville Strength, Home of CrossFit Resurgence, we pride ourselves on providing an encouraging, family-like atmosphere where people from all walks of life are motivated to live well.

The over-arching responsibilities of a Head Coach are to maintain this environment through several different avenues.

The Head Coach will

  • Be present daily, in the gym. They will be coaching various classes and providing training to a specified group clients using CrossFit methodologies.
  • Complete evaluations of all trainers on staff, and provide appropriate feedback.
  • Be prompt, and attend all staff meetings.
  • Portray a leadership presence with both staff members and clients.
  • Work hand-in-hand with upper management.
  • Run various challenges/events for community members.
  • Complete weekly accountability roles.
  • Be comfortable leading a CrossFit class from start to finish, as well as teaching movement from the ground up.

The role of the Head Coach will have specific aspects to be performed in the gym (i.e. coaching), but will also have the option to complete more hours, remotely.