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Fitness/CrossFit/HIT/Personal Trainers – Full/Part-Time

Do you have an infectious passion for exercise and fitness, an inspiring outgoing personality, and a burning desire to get people in the best shape of their lives?


We seek career-oriented coaches that want to build a future with HIT FIT California and help everyone – from regular people with a variety of body types to advanced athletes, with our unique mix of cross-training and personalized fitness.

We have openings for both FULL-TIME and PART-TIME coaches (40 to 20 hrs per week)

What you need

  • To have a contagious outgoing personality and positive energy.
  • Be capable of running group fitness sessions
  • Have the ability to prescribe fitness solutions to clients during intro sessions.
  •  Be sunny at all times – never let clients see you are having a bad day
  • To live an active fitness lifestyle (‘walk the talk’)

What we are looking for

  • We seek Advanced cross-training and barbell lifting coaches (all olympic lifts, power lifts, dumbbell movements and kettlebell movements).. or…
  • Fitness coaches who are well versed in cardio, plyometric, and circuit training HIT Fit California is a cross-training gym that specializes in small group, group fitness, personal training, nutrition, weight loss, and youth athletic strength training and conditioning.
  • We are beloved by our clients and are working on expanding rapidly. We are looking for some talented team members to join us! We believe in helping EVERYbody and everyBODY with their fitness and health goals.

Here are the details

STEP 1 Send us:

(a) Your resume

(b) Cover letter with your background and why you want to join the HIT Fit team

(c) Information on your fitness background and strength/conditioning experience.

STEP 2 Come work out with us.

Send us an email and we’ll schedule a time to workout together. You’ll do one of our group fitness sessions first, and then you’ll do a 1:1 private session with one of our head coaches, at no charge. The chance of you becoming a part of the HIT Fit family grows exponentially when you have introduced yourself to our awesome coaches and members. Whether you have a LOT of experience coaching (or not) or whether you lift the biggest weights.. for us, it is about community and passion… That is a fundamental theme that we will always revisit at HIT Fit.

STEP 3 – Interview. Two hours. Prepare about an hour to sit down with our owner(s)/head coaches. For the second hour, you’ll design a workout in advance (and send it to us) and then put one of our coaches through a 1 on 1 workout with you as the coach/trainer.

STEP 4 Begin the true training pipeline. Experienced coaches could be paid in just 2 weeks from this point and coaching full time in less than a month.