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Full Time Coach

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We’re Looking for a Trainer/Coach

3rd Coast Movement is searching for a Full Time Trainer dedicated to improving the health of our members through Personal Training, Small Group Training, and Nutrition habit Coaching.

Vision & Description

  • Required: CrossFit L1 Certification
  • Preferred: AED and CPR Certified
  • The following is an outline that highlights the weekly outline and schedule expected of a Full Time Trainer at 3rd Coast.
  • Personal Training Clients (5 to 7 hrs per week)
  • Small Group Coaching (8 to 14 hrs per week)
  • Follow up and scheduling Clients for class and Training (2 to 4 hrs per week)
  • Marketing on Social Media and setting up member Social events (1 to 3 hrs per week)
  • Consultations and meetings with new prospects (2 to 4 hrs per week)

Key Responsibilities

  • Utilizes customer software to register classes and conduct point of sale for merchandise and memberships
  • Responsible for managing up to 50+ client accounts to follow up weekly with registering for classes, personal training sessions, cancellations, and quarterly check-ins
  • Responsible for booking, scheduling, canceling, and or rescheduling appointments with new leads or prospects
  • Responsible to manage their clients billing, payments, and fees monthly or as needed
  • Arrive to Group and Personal Training a minimum of 10 minutes early in order to socialize, and set up equipment or programming needed for the daily workout or session
  • Manage a group or Personal Training session efficiently and in a timely manner
  • Attends weekly in house Staff meetings to review and develop programming, Financial Goals, and event planning
  • Attends weekly in house 1 on 1 meetings with Owners on lead development, marketing, and account management
  • Attends quarterly in house Staff Continuing Education on Prehab / Rehab drills, Nutrition Habit Coaching, and Safety meetings

Personal Training

Personal training offers clients a unique experience. While CrossFit is still the general tool we use to help individuals grow in their fitness, personal training allows us to apply this tool more specifically to the individuals needs.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage client relationships and communications
  • Ensure clients are scheduled/rescheduled for sessions
  • Arrive a minimum of 10 minutes early in order to socialize, and set up equipment or programming needed for the daily workout or session
  • Be friendly and be able to carry 1 on 1 conversations well
  • Execute the Onboarding program for each client individually
  • Conduct a minimum of quarterly goal review sessions

General Expectations

Here are the general expectations and metrics for the trainer/coach:

  • Arrive a minimum of 10 minutes early in order to socialize, and set up equipment or programming needed for the daily workout or session
  • Instruct a provided workout or program for each client in a Personal Training Session and in a Small Group Session
  • Follow up with the Client list weekly, to schedule for PT or Small Group Classes
  • Ensure the facility and equipment are clean and tidy before and after each class by spot-mopping or organizing equipment if it is out of place
  • Cleans and disinfects bathrooms and floor after each class, including replacing cleaning rags for the following class and refilling bottles as needed
  • Is a leader by example in coaching, fitness, and general health
  • MUST workout at 3CM for a minimum of 3x Classes per week in order to fully understand the program and be able to relate to the clients of 3rd Coast
  • Attends weekly coaches meetings as well as meetings that arise based on need
  • Is motivated by developing book of clients of 50+
  • Has an interest in sales and is confident in managing a group of clients of 50+
  • Fulfills errands for gym supplies
  • Keeps the minimum requirement of trainer’s certificates current as outlined in the Performance Evaluation, Compensation, & Development policy

Here is an Outline of the Trainer/Coach Hours and Compensation

  • This is a full-time, Salary + Performance Compensation, based on a minimum of 40 hours per week.
  • Salary is $1500 per month + Performance Based Compensation ( % of New sales + Client List )
  • The employee will receive 5 paid vacation days per year, to be approved by the Office Manager at least 30 days in advance.
  • This job begins as a one-year contract; should the employee continue after one year, a pay raise will be evaluated at this time as well based on 90-day and 1-year performance reviews.

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