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Full Time Coach and Client Services Manager

Flexible Schedule

Vision & Description

Renew Fitness seeks to be a fitness community for anyone and everyone.

As a coach in both our fitness and nutrition programs, you will play a vital role in helping us fulfill this mission!

The following is an outline that highlights the key areas of ownership, performance metrics, and expectations for the trainer/coach of Renew Fitness.

  • Areas of Ownership
  • Group Coaching
  • Group Coaching includes all services that offer group-based coaching. The full-time coach will conduct 12-20 hours of group classes per week.

Key Responsibilities

  • Signs in athletes upon their arrival
  • Seeks to motivate and encourage clients to reach their fitness goals
  • Manages the group training time according to the Group Class Procedures
  • Comes prepared with their own specific warm-up and cool down for the specified movements each day
  • Modifies and replaces exercises as needed for athletes
  • Ensures each class is run with care and safety

Personal Training

Personal training offers clients a unique experience.

While CrossFit is still the general tool we use to help individuals grow in their fitness, personal training allows us to apply this tool more specifically to the individuals needs.

We offer personal training in the gym and at home.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage client relationships and communications
  • Ensure clients are scheduled for sessions
  • Provide individualized programming for each client
  • Conduct regular goal review sessions


  • Assisting the general manager in administrative responsibilities to ensure the smooth daily flow of operations

Key Responsibilities

  • Keep member database up to date
  • Acclimate new clients through their first 90 days with regular client follow-up
  • Set up memberships using Wodify
  • Input monthly schedule and payroll hours
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Follow up with clients on expiring memberships or membership questions
  • Oversee weekly gym communication/inquiry and email follow up
  • Upload programmed WODs into Wodify
  • Assists Communications Director in scheduling social media posts and creating content for Renew’s Instagram and Facebook pages, monthly newsletter and blog.

General Expectations

Here are the general expectations and metrics for the trainer/coach:

  • Be punctual to class times or appointments, starting on time and ending on time
  • Instruct a provided Workout of the Day or program for individual client
  • Ensure the facility and equipment are clean and tidy before and after each class
  • Cleans and disinfects bathrooms and floor after each class, including replacing cleaning rags for the following class and refilling bottles and floor sprayer
  • Is a leader by example in coaching, fitness and general health
  • Coaches an average of 4 hours per day, including Foundations and Personal Training Sessions
  • Attends monthly coaches meetings as well as meetings that arise based on need
  • Participates in at least 2 group classes per month, informing the coach of that class 2 things they liked and 1 area for improvement
  • Contributes one blog per month to the Renew Fitness blog, content to be approved by the Communications Director
  • Fulfills errands for gym supplies
  • Assists the head coach in programming workouts
  • Keeps the minimum requirement of trainer’s certificates current as outlined in the Performance Evaluation, Compensation, & Development policy
  • Participates in Slack for team communication on meetings, athlete information, programming, and substitution schedule

Compensation & Hours

Here is an outline of the trainer/coach hours and compensation:

  • This is a full-time, hourly position, based on a minimum of 30 hours per week.
  • Compensation rates for coaching group classes will be $20/hour
  • Administrative and facility management will also be compensated at $20/hour
  • Compensation for Foundations, Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching and any specialty courses is determined by the 4/9 Policy. Additional hours may be worked beyond 35 hrs/week with Foundations and Personal Training Clients
  • The employee will receive 10 paid vacation days per year, to be approved by the General Manager at least two weeks in advance
  • This job begins as a one-year contract; should the employee continue after one year, a pay raise will be evaluated at this time as well