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Full Time Coach

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Are you tired of coaching and needing a second job? Are you disappointed with the coaching delivered in the affiliate you coach? Are you demoralized due to lack of leadership from a worn-down Owner?

Classified Fitness is on a journey, a journey to become a world class affiliate. A journey to be a place of fulfillment and enjoyment for members and coaches alike. We strive to provide the best experience possible for our members. Our priority is to make their one hour in the gym, the best hour of their day. An hour where they can escape the woes of life and get as fit as they would like. We want our coaches to enjoy every second of their experience here. They are coaches who constantly seek feedback and development. Coaches who want to push the limits of the profession and develop into a world class coach. Coaches who want to be a part of our community and thrive because of it. This is not a show up and do job, this is a constant search for growth. We know that if you can get 1% better every day, you’ll be providing an experience like no other. We want our coaches to be looked at as hero’s’, the most trusted resource in our community and possibly outside of it. We recognize this can take time to develop but you should have a yearning to be better than yesterday. We need someone ready to commit much like we ask our members to commit, trust the process and prove why you deserve to be here. What are you doing to be a better coach? If the answer is something you have to think about, we’re probably not a good fit.

We are seeking a full-time coach (Part-time acceptable if availability allows). You should be someone who wants to make a career out of coaching. Wages will vary based on experience level, but are near top of the line for the work expected. Must be within the United States to be considered.

Responsibilities include

  • Show up 15mins before class prepared, hangout up to 10mins after
  • Coach 60-80+ classes a month (15-20 classes a week)
  • Conduct Onboarding Personal Training Session
  • Available to coach morning and evening classes as well as Onboarding sessions
  • 5-10 hours per week of admin and facility maintenance, including member retention and cleaning
  • Create and coach 4 specialty programs a year
  • Facilitate and assist with gym events throughout the year
  • Attend weekly and monthly meetings
  • Desired CrossFit Level 2 or 3 Trainer or L4 Coach
  • Seek professional development in house and out of the house
  • Listen to the Best Hour of Their Day Podcast
  • Attend classes 3-4 days a week
  • An astute level of problem-solving skills

If you look at some of these things and think duh, then we might be a good fit! You should look at the attend classes 3-4 days a week as a duh *hint*