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Full-Time CrossFit Coach

Health InsuranceUniformDiscounted SupplementsFree Gym Membership


In collaboration with other trainers, contractors, employees, or directors of Derby City CrossFit, you will:

  1. Enroll clients, prepare, and implement individualized training strategies for Derby City CrossFit clients
  2. Prepare and execute group training sessions within or outside Derby City CrossFit’s training premises based on market demands for group training
  3. Invoice clients, collect monies, and write receipts to clients through the software system Wodify.
  4. Confirm client attendance in Wodify for each scheduled session
  5. Regularly attend classes and develop relationships with all members. This includes, but is not limited to, leading from within by attending one class per week of any of our service offerings. It is mandatory to sign in and score 3 class workouts per week.
  6. Sell new and current clients on additional Derby City CrossFit services, upgraded memberships, etc.
  7. Provide ongoing support and check-ins for retention with current clients
  8. Positively represent and market Derby City CrossFit services to current and
    potential clients
  9. Assist in maintaining, cleaning, and resupplying consumables for the facility
  10. Attend all scheduled meetings, including weekly team meetings
  11. Respond to all communications in a timely manner
  12. Assist in the promotional endeavors of Derby City CrossFit through group participation, public speaking, and delivery of promotional materials
  13. Operate and oversee Derby City CrossFit as an attendant as scheduled