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Greenville General Manager

Base grows with membershipPTOHealth benefitsProfit share available up to 10% of profits

Perfect role for a motivated & adaptable person looking to create a rewarding well-paying career with an opportunity to further move up or create an ownership stake in the business.

MADabolic Greenville, SC General Manager, earn $36,000 – $75,000/yr +.

The perfect person is hungry to grow, humble/open to feedback, and sharp in solving problems/creating solutions.

We operate 2-locations currently, 1 in Asheville, NC, and 1 in Greenville, SC and we are looking to add another location in the next 6-months.

MAD is unique in that it is a franchise model created by former CrossFit affiliates and is on its way to having 50+ locations in the next 12-months.

I, Evan Lindsay, own these 2 MAD locations – formerly I owned, operated, and remotely ran a CrossFit gym in Canada before selling it and have spent 8+ years consulting fitness businesses.

We took over the Asheville location 14-months ago and have 3.5x’ed it in that time and are on pace to be at full capacity within 12-months.

We recently took over the Greenville location and are looking for the right person to follow our playbook and fill this location up as well.

Currently, we offer our signature group coaching classes and will be adding a nutrition component in the coming months.

If you are hired for this position, you’ll go through a VERY hands-on 6-week onboarding period to get you up to speed and to be set for success.

At the end of the day, you can earn $75k+ a year in as little as 12-months. We believe in giving you all the structure to be successful and the autonomy to do things ‘your way’ within the system – in this role you will not be micro-managed, at the end of the day, our goal is to create results for our members, our team and the business.

This is both in terms of income, experience, and longevity with us.

Role Overview

  • Be our ideal client, trainer, and team member – what you see is a mirror image of you.
  • Lead clients and our team forward daily by supporting and challenging them to grow.
  • Be the leader in our market’s fitness scene – create solutions to move everyone 1% forward daily.
  • Do more with less time, effort, and money by cultivating relationships, systems & people.


  • Hold a valid training certification and have 2+ years of experience
  • Maintain MAD Trainer Physical Standards
  • Completed Precision Nutrition Level 1, minimum

Training Requirements

  • MAD General Manager Training ~6 weeks
  • Reports to: MAD Location Owner
  • Direct Reports: Lead Trainer, Trainers, and Cleaner

Results – based on quarterly averages

  • Maintain a location churn rate of less than 4%
  • Achieving a location trial buyer conversion rate of 35% or more
  • Generate 15+ intro offers via staff, client & partner referrals per month

General responsibilities

  • Personally training in 3x classes a week + training 17/classes per pay period
  • Attend/direct staff meetings, complete staff development meetings &member events

Off the floor responsibilities

  • Client communications (Email correspondence, FB Group, Newsletters, etc…)
  • Client event, promotion, and marketing planned and directed.
  • Social media plan executed upon (Personal and business account)
  • Team management and leadership (Payroll/schedules, hiring, team development & communication)
  • MADperks management; MADambassadors (Oversight, maintain 10-15, and cultivate relationships.)