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Head Coach/Gym Manager

Position Description

This position requires excellent coaching, leadership, and management skills to assist the owners effectively lead all operations of the gym. We are looking for someone who can coach multiple classes per day and play an essential role in the success of the gym. This role will expand and grow as our business needs evolve.

Primary responsibilities

  • Coaching most classes and supervise the coaching team to ensure a high level of coaching quality and consistency across all coaching staff.
  • Responsible for programming to fit our membership base to help our athletes reach their goals and improve performance.
  • The head coach will be responsible for communicating the programming objective to all coaches on staff and ensuring that everyone understands the workouts and intended stimulus.
  • This position will be responsible for the assessment and onboarding program for new members.
  • This role will be face of the business developing relationships with members and responsible for overall member satisfaction.
  • Assisting the owners with day to day tasks of running the gym including but not limited to equipment needs, supplies replenishment, and overall cleanliness of the gym
  • Support with social media and marketing delivery and carrying out programs to support the growth of the business.