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Head Coach & Manager

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We’re not just looking for an awesome coach, we’re looking for a coach who wants to change lives.

This is a social business. While making money comes first, we’re looking to make a positive impact on the local community.

This position is not only the coach but the primary manager of the facility.

Job Responsibilities

  • Lead CrossFit Coaching – You’ll serve as the head coach for most classes and supervise the coaching team at your location. This includes setting the coaching schedule, overseeing coaching quality, and ensuring consistency of approach across all coaching staff at your location. You are the main person responsible for helping your athletes reach their health and fitness goals and improve their performance, injury-free.
  • Programming – You will lead programming for CrossFit and Bootcamp. We want all coaches to be heard and participate in programming for the gym. All programming should be done at least 2 weeks in advance. You are responsible for working alongside and communicating with each coach the purpose behind your programming and making sure each coach understands your expectations for each day. You’ll be responsible for helping your athletes reach their health and fitness goals and improve their performance, injury-free.
  • Manage Day-to-Day – You’ll be the day-to-day “face” of the business, developing strong relationships with all athletes, welcoming and introducing new members to CrossFit, supervising member system management, and advising the owner of all issues related to the gym (e.g. equipment needs, facility improvements, staffing requirements, etc.). Local admin/counter staff will help take care of accounting, and finances, but as you are the person closest to our members, we will always take your opinions related to the gym seriously!
  • Ensure Athlete Safety & Satisfaction – We’re a gym that focuses heavily on proper form and technique before adding significant amounts of weight. Athlete safety and correct movement standards should be your priority too! We ask that you practice what you preach – you need to be able to demonstrate great form and personal work ethic to inspire it in others.
  • Train Support Coaches – We have a few junior coaches in at our gym, and we want them to develop their coaching abilities to become the best in the industry.
  • Coach CrossFit, Bootcamp & On-Ramp classes – Lead or support a maximum of 25 classes per week. 
  • Oversee marketing delivery – you’ll be supported by the Owner and our team but final delivery on social media (posting) and print (delivery), is the responsibility of this role.


  • Level 2 CrossFit Certification – Candidates with additional certifications will be given preference.
  • 3+ Years CrossFit coaching with affiliated box – We need someone who can hit the ground running but don’t let the years of experience scare you off, just demonstrate you have what it takes.
  • Demonstrated management experience – You have at least 1 year of managing 3 or more people, responsible for scheduling, oversight and staff development.
  • Fluent English & excellent communication – The box will be operated with English as the main language. We need someone equally willing to say, ‘sure no problem’ as they are, ‘sorry, we can’t do that’ as appropriate. Members will be bringing sensitive issues to you – e.g. pregnancies, body image worries, health situations – you need to be able to handle these conversations tactfully and ensure members feel valued and respected (and helped!).
  • Culturally sensitive – Unless you’ve lived abroad before, this will be a life-changing experience. Cambodians are super friendly, but we’ll have athletes from all over the world, frequently with English as a second language and we need someone who is excited to work with different cultures.
  • Dedication to making a difference – Do you feel passionate about making a life-changing difference in people’s health and fitness? This may be right for you.
  • Willing to make a 2-year commitment – This is a big one and if this is your first time living abroad, it’s a tough one. It will take at least 6 months to get everything running well and fully established under your leadership and we need continuity. We can accommodate a holiday back home and vacation time, but we need someone who will be here for the long haul.
  • Outstanding referrals (from coaches and athletes) – These can be provided following initial interview.

Preferred but not Required

  • Other training/safety certifications – USAW-L1SP, NASM, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, or ACSM, Kettlebell, nutrition, swimming, CPR/AED, etc.
  • 4 Year University Degree or Military Career (with honorable discharge) – Physical Education or similar degree preferred but not required.
  • Khmer language ability – This is a long shot but if there are any Khmer American/Europeans/Australians/etc. out there, that would be ideal.


  • Full-Time Salary – commensurate with experience. Salary is enough to live a comfortable life in Cambodia, save a little and even travel a bit.
  • 2 Weeks Housing (if moving internationally) – Consider this a welcome package to help get you acclimated.
  • Health Insurance (after month 2) – Basic services are all available here in the city, but extreme situations involve a short plane trip to Bangkok.
  • Workweek & Holidays – The schedule will average 40 hours a week (capped at 25 coaching hours), with a dedicated day off on Sunday and a half-day on Saturday. We will close or reduce the schedule during the major Cambodian holidays.
  • Unlimited Leave – Yes, this is correct. We work as a team here and support each other to allow for longer trip home. You may take 3 weeks off, but you will also be expected to work extra when the time comes.
  • Visa & Work Permit – We will provide pay for fees associated with the business visa and work permit. The initial tourist Visa (~$30) is the responsibility of the Employee.

How To Apply

  1. Send a Resume/CV with a short cover letter demonstrating how you are the right person for this position and your willingness to move to another country to:
  2. Use the subject line “I’m the CrossFit Coach You’re Looking For”.

Applications must be received by 20th May 2022. Interviews will begin as candidates are identified. This position will start in the country in June 2022.