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Head CrossFit Coach

Unlimited Membership & Unlimited Recovery Zone Access (Sauna/Cold Plunge/Normatec Compression/Bulletproof Vibe Plate)
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Position Description

At SoLa CrossFit, we are obsessed with coaching.

We eat, drink, and sleep coaching.

The job of our coaches is to provide the best experience to our members every single day.

Early alarms and late nights don’t phase us – we are focused and committed. In an industry plagued with mediocrity, we strive to set a higher bar.

Simply put we are professionals, and we are investing heavily in progressing our coaches to new heights.

Through a culture of excellence and a dynamic development framework we arm our coaches with the tools and resources they need to excel and evolve.

If you’re ready to go from JV to Varsity…read on and apply.

The role of the Head Coach is one of leadership through and through.

HC must possess the tangibles and intangibles of a great leader.

HC are responsible to manage their team of coaches, community of athletes, and soup to nuts fitness operation. They must do so through unrivaled care and excellence.

The HC ultimate goal is to build community and define culture while helping his/her team perfect their skills and deeply understand the core values of SoLa CrossFit.

HC must possess in depth knowledge of fitness/health, stand as a pillar in the community, guide their team toward new heights, and lead the gym to greatness.


  • Average hours for coaching and other responsibilities of this position should add up to about 20hrs per week. You can take this role to a full 40hrs with Basic Training, Personal Training and Specialty Courses
  • Lead daily classes (~12-15 hours on floor coaching per week)
  • Observe, develop and lead site specific team; and curate overall program offering along with owner (~5 hours per week)
  • Manage daily maintenance, equipment, repairs and cleanliness of the facility (~5 hours per week)
  • Formal distribution of hours will be set by owner
  • Meet weekly with Owner
  • Handle walk ins, member inquiries, provide information about programMaintain a positive and friendly demeanor
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with current athletes and convert potential athletes
  • Promote all internal programs and events
  • Plan and run monthly coaches meetings
  • Adhere to all SoLa CrossFit policies and procedures

Minimum Qualifications

  • High School Diploma or GED required
  • 3+ years of experience leading CrossFit classes or operating a fitness facility
  • CrossFit Level 1 certification, preference given to applicants pursuing advanced credential certification
  • Active CPR and First Aid Certification
  • In depth knowledge of fitness, health, and nutrition – the tip of spear
  • In depth knowledge and skill in leading fitness classes – we want the best in the world
  • High level interpersonal, time management and organizational skills – professional mindset
  • Strong leadership skills and inspires action in those around them – leads by example always
  • Creative thinking, dispute resolution and problem-solving skills all finely honed – cool under pressure
  • Capable of thinking globally but acting locally in considering greater business goals and objectives

Compensation and Benefits

Salary: The compensation offered is based on multiple factors including years of experience, leadership/management abilities, positive performance evaluations and overall expertise.

In addition, success in this position includes but is not limited to hiring, coaching, training and developing team members to achieve high performance objectives.

Benefits: Free SoLa CF Membership and Recovery Zone access