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Online Programming Specialist

American Strength Club is a top provider of online programming to CrossFit and fitness gyms around the world and are looking to increase our team of programming specialists.

This position is for a programming specialist to create and sell exceptional programming to gyms and individual athletes.


Provide programming for sale to individual athletes and CrossFit facilities.

Create a weekly article to be published on the American Strength Club website to both promote your programming and show your level of knowledge to the world.

You must actively promote and market both your programming and articles.

Attend weekly Skype calls with other coaches to discuss your upcoming week of programming, the science of programming, your article topics and marketing techniques.

To apply, read very carefully

You must have experience with the SugarWod platform.

ALL applications must include a cover letter with the following information. Any applications missing and part will NOT be considered.

An explanation of your experience with programming, be detailed about how long you have been programming and who you have been doing it for.

A month of sample programming must be provided so we can determine if the level of ability and knowledge is what we are looking for. An explanation of the purpose and intent of the programming provided.

Links to your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

Links to published articles you have written in the past.

If you are a motivated, knowledgeable coach who wants to expand your influence while creating long term passive income that can become significant, we can provide you a platform to do so.

This position pays monthly commissions based on subscribers to your programming.