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Strength & Conditioning Coach/Admin

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Strength & Conditioning Coach

Favela opened 6 months ago as a facility for Jiu Jitsu and for Strength & Conditioning. We are looking for a head coach to lead strength & conditioning classes, and provide oversight to the business.

You: Our gym isn’t focused on lifting the heaviest weights or doing the most reps, but rather, movement quality and every athlete’s progression. We are looking for someone who will pay attention to folks struggling with proper form, and who will keep making our gym a friendly space for everyone, even (especially) those who find gyms intimidating.

Us: Favela is a 700 sqm open space in the heart of Factory Phnom Penh, a former Levi’s factory that has been transformed into a hub for entrepreneurs, artists, and creative thinkers. Our facility is divided into a well-equipped lifting area, a Jiu Jitsu mat, plus changing rooms, bar and physiotherapy room.

Phnom Penh: On a ride through the sprawling Factory campus (there are 50 free-to-use bikes) you encounter four art galleries, a skate park, theatre, cinema, cafes, restaurants, a micro-brewery, co-working spaces, and brand new Bar Analogue serving the best cocktails in the city, all for you to enjoy. We are also a short distance from Russian Market, which along with Factory, has helped make Phnom Penh Southeast Asia’s new “capital of cool

Your Responsibilities as a coach

Programming and coaching:

You’ll be responsible of designing and implementing a smart Strength and Conditioning training program. You aim to improve our clients’ wellbeing by showing them the right fundamental movement patterns. You are not only good at training, but you know how to teach and enjoy doing it. Your classes aren’t focused on RX or reps, but movement quality and the athlete’s progression.

You pay attention to those who struggle with technique and make your classes a friendly space for people who find gyms intimidating.

Safety and proper form are thus a priority, and you’ll dedicate time to every member during class.

Capacity Development: We endeavor to bring up local talents and you’ll identify and train those who can be good candidates to become future coaches.

As an administrator

You’ll be the person in charge of managing the back office of the business, building solid relationship with our members, welcoming and enlisting new ones, and letting them now about our facilities and programs, and advising the owner about any issue regarding facility’s maintenance or improvement.

Management software: We use Team Up as our gym management system. It’s pretty easy to work with and you’ll get used to it in no time.

Also, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the staffing schedule, which will be on a regular rotation and help building and editing the Gym’s staff playbook.

We have cleaning staff but we are all responsible for keeping the gym clean and well stocked.

Event management: We’d like you to organize events and to let people know what we do and to help build a stronger and community, both for members only or open doors. This can be anything from beer tasting after training to offsite workouts.


You will need one or more of the following qualifications:
USAW-L1SP or equivalent

  • INEF or equivalent
  • Crossfit, Opex, GymJones, Strong First, NASM, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, or ACSM

We‘d like someone with solid coaching experience under the belt, but don’t feel intimidated by this. If you have what we are looking for, the experience will follow.

You must be proactive, show initiative, be detail oriented and able to foresee operation issues and anticipate a solution.

You will have good interpersonal communication skills, such as listening, empathizing and problem-solving. Clients will often seek your support or bring up all kind of sensitive issues you’ll have tactfully to deal with.

Phnom Penh is a multicultural hub that attracts people from many different nationalities. Understanding the fine nuances of working with people from different backgrounds is a must.

English proficiency is required, but we are accent friendly.

The ideal candidate will be willing to commit to a minimum of 1-2 years of work. But don’t worry, if you get homesick there’s plenty of opportunities for a return trip home.

Benefits & Pay

  • Full Time Salary Range: $1500 – $2000 depending on experience.
    (In Cambodia this is considered a high salary and you live very comfortably and still put money in the bank each month)
  • 1 Week Hotel Stay (if moving internationally) – we will help you find an apartment near the gym during your first week to rent.
  • Health Insurance (after probationary period of 2 months )
  • Work week – 40 hours per week split between coaching, admin and management. Occasionally due to events, staff coverage/holidays, work days may be longer. The Gym is closed Saturdays afternoon and Sundays.
  • Holidays – Holidays are great, Cambodians love them! The country has some of the most bank holidays in the region, and we are flexible with your holidays as long as cover is pre-arranged in advance with fellow coaching staff and signed off by the business owner.


  1. Send a Resume/CV with a short cover letter demonstrating how you are the right person for this position to:
  2. Use the subject line “I’m the Coach You’re Looking For”.