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Alex Padgett

Alex Padgett

Masters in Exercise and Sports Science
Level 2 USA Weightlifting coach
Coached Crossfit for 5 years
Experience coaching all fitness levels.

  • locationSouth Carolina
  • jobRemote for the right position
Coaching programming Customer service Microsoft excel Planning. Time management
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Work experience


Team Lead


2020 Feb. 14 - 2021 Oct. 11

Led team members in areas of key KPIs in order for the store to succeed.
Interacted with customers on a daily basis to ensure they found what they were looking for.
Gave recommendations based on what the customer was looking for.

Customer service Microsoft excel

Head Coach/ Owner

Synergy Barbell

2019 Jan. 19 - 2021 Oct. 11

In charge of all programming for athletes.
Wrote programs for all levels of athletes.
Call attempts at all meets, including AO 1 and AO 2.

Coaching Programming Planning.



2014 Jan. 22 - 2019 Jan. 22

Lead classes through warm up, strength, workout and cool downs.
Gave cues to ensure athletes would not get injured.
Gave modifications for athletes so that they could perform movements safely and still get a good workout.

Time management Coaching Customer Service

Education and certification


Masters of Exercise and Sports Science

Lenior-Rhyne University

2017 Jan. 09 - 2018 Aug. 10

Gradaute with knowledge of the importance and influence of physical activity, kinesiology, nutrition and exercise on health and be an advocate for enhanced quality of life.

USA Weightlifting Level 2

USA weightlifting federation

2020 Apr. 20 - 2021 Oct. 11

Learned about essentials such as competition preparation, effective communication, and dozens of great exercises for weightlifters.

Learned advanced strength and power development principles, systematic error detection and correction strategies, scientifically based program design, national competition preparation and coaching strategies, as well as long-term development of weightlifters.

Additional skills


Strength Programming

Extensive knowledge in strength programming.

Short biography

I've been involved in the Crossfit community for over 10 years. I have coached at 2 different gyms and recently started my own weightlifting club. I written multiple programs for national level lifters and have coached at those meets. I love helping people become the best version of themselves.



What are you most passionate about in your work? What motivates you?


Are you willing to relocate?

Not currently.

Which coaching skills do you possess that set you apart from other coaches?

I have experience coaching all levels of fitness and lifting. I have been lucky enough to be in this community for so long to see the evolution of the sport.

Where do you see yourself in your career in 5 years?

Having the best weightlifting gym in the state of South Carolina.

Tell us about a coach you've worked with who has mentored you or a coach you've learned from online.

Aimee Anaya Everett is a coach I look up to.

What are your values as a coach that differentiate you from others?

Passion and hard work ethic. I will look up answers to questions I don't know and am willing to adapt my coaching styles based on fitness levels.

Which certification or seminar has had the biggest impact on your coaching skills?

USA Weightlifting. It helped my become more confident in my coaching level.

What Specialty Programs can you create for your new facility?

Different levels of weightlifting.

Are you a military veteran?





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