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As a quick introduction, I was a competitive weightlifter/strongman for most of my adult life, competing at the state/national level, and I am currently a competitive bodybuilder. While a professor at the University of Nebraska, I was a consultant to Husker Power (my PhD is in engineering and I have a medical background as an EMT), and I combined the two disciplines to help work with athletes and provide injury prevention strategies. I have coached and worked with athletes in olympic weightlifting, strongman, bodybuilding, and I have completed the USAW club coaching course in weightlifting. In addition to athletes, I have worked with hundreds of people over the years due to my extensive knowledge of exercise and nutrition for weight loss and general fitness. Additionally, I follow CrossFit as a sport as well as for a training modality that I incorporate into my own workouts as well as individuals I work with.

I am also willing to complete additional coursework, if necessary, but I think that I would make a good addition to your team ... I have worked professionally as a research scientist for most of my career, but fitness and training has always been my passion. I would love to break-in to this field, given the opportunity.

  • locationSan Diego, CA
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