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Chris Mobbs

Chris Mobbs

I'm 32 years old and I've been in the CrossFit world for 5 years, and fitness world for most of my life. I will say that I've learned more since I've been involved with CrossFit than anything else. I say that with a little hesitance, only because the term "CrossFit" to me just means fitness defined in a way that is inclusive of all types of fitness. What I mean by that is... there isn't one exercise that you could do that wouldn't serve it's own purpose within the CrossFit world.

  • locationWhitewright, Tx
  • jobRemote for the right position
Coaching Maintanence Software Leading a team ect.
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Work experience


Head Coach

CrossFit Solus

2017 Jun. 17 - 2021 Nov. 17

I'm still currently the Head Coach at CF Solus. My duties have changed over the years. I've been involved in almost all aspects of our gym. I've written programming and I've cleaned toilets with all kinds of jobs in between. I would call myself a jack of all trades. I worked part time during certain seasons of my job here doing work on rental properties for a landlord. I've also had my hand in all of our different software over the years (learning and teaching back to the team). I work side by side with our owner (Kaylee Suitors). She has taught me so many different things that make the gym successful. She has been in business for over 10 years now and her experience shows and I've had the wonderful opportunity of learning from her successes and her failures.

Maintanence Software Coaching Leading a team ect.

Education and certification




2017 Dec. 17 - 2021 Nov. 17

Level 1 Cert

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