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Flavio Junker

Flavio Junker

Hi, I am a Crossfit level 2 coach. I've been teaching Crossfit in Brasília over the last 6 years. In this time I've been working at 8 different gyms, being a full time on Crossfit Waya for 4 years 2 of those as a head coach, and 2 others gyms for over a year. My experience right before the lockdown was as a substitute coach where I passed on the other gyms whenever invited.
Along with my first years of Crossfit i was also getting my undergrad in Kinesiology and my masters in Motor control, both até University of Brasilia. I love what I do for a living and want to share my passion with other people all around the world.

  • locationBrasília, Brazil
  • jobRelocation for the right position
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Work experience


Crossfit coach

Crossfir waya

2015 Nov. 19 - 2019 Oct. 15

First job at crossfit. Was trained to teach by my colleague a level 3 crossfit coach.




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