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Ian Gordon

Ian Gordon

Ian Gordon is a strength and conditioning coach with substantial personal

  • locationOrange County, California, United States
Basic Life Support for more than 10 years Strong time-management and organizational abilities Proficient at customer-driven tasks and providing positive outcomes
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Work experience


Personal Fitness Trainer

Fitness Fixe

1996 Sep. 06 - 2017 Dec. 15

Worked with over 25 clients/week to provide individualized coaching and fitness programs. Oversaw nutritional guidance for clients and tailored training sessions to client goals. Maintained a safe, clean and sanitary training environment which included ensuring equipment was in proper working order and repaired and/or replaced if necessary.

Strength Coach/Owner

Gordon Performance Solutions

2018 Jan. 02 - 2021 Oct. 20

Responsibilities include:
1) Establish short and long-term training goals for general fitness and sports performance clientele. 2) Create individualized training programs via functional movement assessment and personal health inventory. 3) Recommend nutritional strategy based on fitness goals and general activity level. 4) Market available training sessions and services via online advertising and in-person networking. 5) Provide relevant educational and informational material to clientele. 6) Transition clients from post-rehab to traditional exercise program.

Basic Life Support for more than 10 years Strong time-management and organizational abilities Proficient at customer-driven tasks and providing positive outcomes

Education and certification


Bachelor’s of Science-Movement/Exercise Science

Chapman University

1992 Jan. 20 - 1994 Dec. 20

Now called B.S. Applied Human Physiology
The B.S. in Applied Human Physiology involves a solid foundation in basic science courses that are essential for advanced courses in one of two areas of study. One area of study is “Applied Clinical Physiology” that offers elective choices for students with an aspiration for admission to medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, Ph.D. physiology programs, and food science graduate/doctorate programs. The other area of study is “Applied Exercise Science” that offers elective choices for students with an aspiration for admission to graduate or doctorate programs in kinesiology, exercise physiology, or exercise science.

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Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)


1997 Feb. 01 - 2023 Dec. 31

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists® (CSCS®) are professionals who apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance. They conduct sport-specific testing sessions, design and implement safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs and provide guidance regarding nutrition and injury prevention. Recognizing that their area of expertise is separate and distinct, CSCSs consult with and refer athletes to other
professionals when appropriate.

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USAW Level 1 Weightlifting Coach

USA Weightlifting

2018 Sep. 21 - 2022 Sep. 21

A USAW Level 1 Coach is knowledgeable in weightlifting technique, assessing movement, motor learning, biomechanics, effective coaching, and programming training. A Level 1 Coach utilizes scientifically based concepts to optimize training and skill learning for the technical progressions of the snatch, clean and jerk, and assistance lifts so that they can be safely and effectively implemented into training weightlifters, clients, and athletes of all ages and abilities.

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Additional skills


Mac iOS

Experienced user of numerous Apple applications including Pages and Numbers.



What are you most passionate about in your work? What motivates you?

The growth and development of an individual, both mentally and physically, that comes from consistent hard work and effort

Are you willing to relocate?

If the opportunity to do so is ripe with benefits that are otherwise impossible at my current location, then, yes, I would.

Which coaching skills do you possess that set you apart from other coaches?

Being a focused, compassionate listener and detail-oriented person

Where do you see yourself in your career in 5 years?

Owning and operating, solely or in part, a professional fitness training business.

Tell us about a coach you've worked with who has mentored you or a coach you've learned from online.

I've retained and utilized a lot of information about coaching and training from professionals like Mike Boyle and Juan Carlos Santana

What are your values as a coach that differentiate you from others?

Determined, goal-oriented and purpose-driven.

Which certification or seminar has had the biggest impact on your coaching skills?

Many of the Perform Better Learn By Doing Seminars have had a strong influence on how I train and coach my clients over the years

What Specialty Programs can you create for your new facility?

Sports-specific and post-rehab training programs

Are you a military veteran?


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