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Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams

Avid Crossfitter and Coach. Been in the game for 10 years. Always looking for ways to help people improve their lives.

  • locationMilwaukee, WI
  • jobRemote for the right position
  • locationMilitary veteran
programming Organization Leadership computer skills Mentorship
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Work experience


Lead Customer Service Representative

Social Security Administration

2012 Jun. 01 - 1970 Jan. 01

I lead a team of representatives in an extremely fast paced work environment. As the busiest Social Security office in the state of Wisconsin, we are faced with a multitude issues which we are required to address and fix on a daily basis. I am also responsible for the training and mentoring of the members in my unit.

Leadership computer skills

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Crossfit Funky, Evolution Fitness, Crossfit Grandezza

2013 Mar. 01 - 1970 Jan. 01

I have coached at multiple affiliates and gyms. I have served as Lead Coach at CF Funky. I have led kids training programs at 2 of the gyms I've coached at. I have programmed all fitness at multiple gyms. I have also written on ramp and intro to CF manuals that are still used to this day. Upon meeting Dave Castro in 2017 I was able get a Level 1 course at CF Funky.

Leadership Organization Mentorship Programming

Education and certification


Crossfit Level 1

Crossfit Level 1

2013 Mar. 01 - 2018 Feb. 28

Crossfit Level 1 Cert at CF Construct in Chicago.

Crossfit Level 1

Crossfit Level 1

2018 Mar. 01 - 2023 Mar. 01

Crossfit Level 1 Cert at CF Funky in New Berlin.

Additional skills


Competition Set up

I have been able to organize and lead many competitions.

Short biography

I grew up playing sports and working out. I've always been passionate about team sports/team workouts. In 2012 a friend of mine and I stumbled upon Crossfit. We were addicted immediately. We worked out in his garage for a few months before we teamed up with another friend and opened Crossfit Funky. Since then I've had the pleasure to coach hundreds of people at multiple gyms. The passion burns as much now as it did then.



What are you most passionate about in your work? What motivates you?

Serving others. It's fun experiencing my own fitness journey. PRs, competing, getting fitter, those things are all great, but nothing compares to serving others, watching others grow and seeing folks accomplish things they never thought.

Are you willing to relocate?

It depends on where.

Which coaching skills do you possess that set you apart from other coaches?

I have a knack for connecting with people from ALL walks of life. I'm very genuine. Nothing is fake or fabricated. And I love taking relationships inside the gym outside of the gym.

Where do you see yourself in your career in 5 years?

If we're talking Social Security Administration I see myself advancing, continuing to mentor and developing in my career. If something came along in the fitness industry I see myself doing the same.

Tell us about a coach you've worked with who has mentored you or a coach you've learned from online.

Pablo Cervigni
Wes Piatt
Kelly Starrett
Mike Bergner

What are your values as a coach that differentiate you from others?

Authenticity: I do not act as if I care about members and fellow coaches, I genuinely care about members and fellow coaches.
Passion: Passion drives me. It fuels me and it has helped me deliver excellent coaching and has developed great friendships over the years.

Which certification or seminar has had the biggest impact on your coaching skills?

Crossfit Level 1.

What Specialty Programs can you create for your new facility?

Kids program.
Inner city or troubled teens program.
Recovering addicts program.

Are you a military veteran?

Yes. Served from 2006-2012. Deployed to Iraq from 2009-2010.




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