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Kate Rado

The nerd credentials: CrossFit L-1 trainer certification; 15 years of teaching experience with adult learners in college and other settings; MA Psychology with an emphasis on adult learning.

The human credentials: After years of being a (chronically injured) runner and triathlete, I found CrossFit in 2018 and as so many others say, it changed my life. I love being strong and healthy, and it has drastically helped symptoms of a chronic autoimmune condition--and more than anything, it's so much freaking FUN. You know you're officially in love with CrossFit when all of those PVC drills at the L-1 seminar are a blast!

Philosophy: I feel SO lucky to have had incredible coaches when I first started CrossFit. They helped me scale workouts without ever treating me as if I as just a weakling--scaling and doing my best is something to be proud of. As a coach, I want to make someone's hour at the gym the best hour of their day, and I want them to truly know that someone at the gym cares and notices when they show up. I approach all coaching from a place of learning and working with where a person is at, while leaving the door open to their potential.

  • locationFort Collins, CO
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