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Temple Cancer Center

2020 Aug. 10 - 1970 Jan. 01

- Registered Nurse, Care Coordinator: August 2020 – present
o Coordination of care for patients within the benign and malignant hematology outpatient clinics
o Collaboration within a large interdisciplinary team to improve patient satisfaction and clinic workflow
o Education of patients regarding treatment plans and therapy schedule
o Optimization of patient care through effective and timely communication with insurance companies to obtain prior authorizations


Anytime Fitness

2019 Nov. 01 - 2020 Jun. 30

o Individualized programming and training for clients of different ages and baseline capabilities
o Ability to adapt programming for injuries to optimize strength and recovery
o Group class instructor for classes with a diversity of fitness levels
o Significant client recruitment and retention


Duke Cancer Center

2016 Jun. 01 - 2020 Jun. 30

o Administration of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, blood products, and other supplemental therapies
o Management and knowledge of a diverse range of oncologic diseases, therapies, and associated complications and comorbidities
o Orientation of new staff members in a variety of oncology clinical settings


James Cancer Center

2015 Jun. 15 - 2016 Jul. 01

o Triage and assessment of patient acuity in a high-volume emergency setting
o Management of patients of all ages with a broad range of medical and oncologic conditions
o Demonstration of excellent teamwork and effective communication in a high-stress, unpredictable clinical environment


Nationwide Children's Hospital

2012 Jun. 01 - 2015 Jun. 01

Pediatric Oncology/ BMT RN

Education and certification




2019 Nov. 01 - 2021 Nov. 30

CPT through NASM


Mount Carmel College of Nursing

2008 Aug. 01 - 2012 May. 05

Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Additional skills


Actively pursuing L1 online

Short biography

On paper, I recognize that my education and professional experience may be quite different than what you had in mind for the Affiliate Support Specialist position. I am a registered nurse that has worked in our healthcare system for 10 years – long enough for me to see its flaws and failure to effectively serve our communities. I became a nurse because I value the meaningful work of helping people, treating illness, and promoting health. I have learned that my role in a hospital does not fulfill that desire the way I once thought it could. I was first introduced to CrossFit in 2018, after spending several years practicing more traditional weight lifting and cardio training. My first workout was Cindy. It kicked my ass and I was hooked. CrossFit is now an integral part of my daily life. I enjoy traditional WODs as well as programming my own work outs that push myself physically and mentally. I loved participating in the 2021 Open and am always seeking new challenges. I am definitely an enthusiast for holistic health and wellness, both as a means for personal development and a way to help others. While still working full time as a registered nurse, I started to pursue personal training in 2019 with a goal of being able to leave the healthcare system. Like many others, when the COVID pandemic hit, my plans were put on hold.
One of the biggest, and most disappointing, lessons I’ve learned throughout my nursing career is how much health care in the United States is not geared towards prevention. As someone who is truly passionate about functional fitness and nutrition as medicine, I want to work within a team that practices those same values and strives to share it with others. I know that my skills, expertise and desire to help others would go far within the CrossFit community. I recently became a father and I also want to lead by example for my son, showing him that sometimes you have to take chances and walk away from what does not align with your beliefs and values. Though my experience does not exactly match the qualifications for this position, I am confident that my communication skills, knowledge of health and fitness, and drive to succeed make me an excellent fit. The experience I have working with patients, families, physicians, hospital administrators, and insurance companies, all within a high-stress environment, would translate effectively to this role. I can be taught the specific skills needed for this position and I am motivated to thoroughly learn what I need to be successful. Work ethic and passion, however, are things that cannot be taught. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to exploring this opportunity further.



What are you most passionate about in your work? What motivates you?


Are you willing to relocate?


Which coaching skills do you possess that set you apart from other coaches?

I bring a unique wealth of knowledge from 10 years in the healthcare field

Where do you see yourself in your career in 5 years?

Transitioning out of the healthcare field and pursuing a career within CrossFit

Tell us about a coach you've worked with who has mentored you or a coach you've learned from online.

I am an avid reader, and follow several podcast within the health and fitness community.

What are your values as a coach that differentiate you from others?

I bring a positive attitude and have a work ethic / passion to help others than cannot be taught

Which certification or seminar has had the biggest impact on your coaching skills?

L1, in addition to working within our healthcare system and seeing the systemic flaws of how western medicine is practiced

Are you a military veteran?





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