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Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

Hello I am Michael Whitney, I have grew up in South Dakota and went to college at Dakota Wesleyan University where I played collegiate golf. After college I decided to dive headfirst into the human services/customer service fields where I worked with under privilege youth from the reservations of South Dakota. A year went by and I wanted more of a challenge so I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska to work at the states most acute mental health facility. I learned more you could every imagine working with these patients and will truly be grateful for that experience. While working at the hospital I went through my own mental health and fitness journey and lost around 140lbs. I started that journey from my garage and soon after started attending a kickboxing gym. I was asked after a year to be a coach/trainer/class lead and jumped head first into this. I also went with a friend to a local box and fell in love with Crossfit. I love the methodology and helping other grow in their own fitness journeys. Recently I moved to Omaha, Nebraska to be closer to family after my wife and I had our first baby. I am excited to continue my work in the fitness industry and see my self running or owning my own box some day!

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Coaching professionalism Supervising Teaching Honesty Work Ethic and Handling intense crisis situations. This position helped hone my skills at customer service heavy workloads and my empathy for people less fortunate than I am. This job has helped me grow my customer service skills my work ethic skills and my ability to hand very intense workloads every day.
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Work experience


Mental Health Unit Security Supervisor

Lincoln Regional Center (DHHS) Nebraska

2018 Mar. 17 - 2021 Apr. 01

At the Mental Health Unit Security Supervisor I was the direct lead of an entire building of criminally insane mental health patients. This job taught me more than I could have ever imagined. I worked directly with some of Nebraska's most mentally ill individuals and learned the importance of what our mental health means to us as individuals. I created groups and supervised classes for these patients with severe mental health disorders. While working with the patients at the Lincoln Regional Center I also supervised a case load of up to 50 staff at one time. I ran all payroll for our building using the Kronos time clock system. I was also directly involved in marketing and social media for our building and staff retention. I loved how every day was different and learning how to give back to my patients. This position opened my eyes up to the world and grew my want to continue helping people in any way possible.

Coaching Supervising Teaching Honesty Work Ethic and Handling intense crisis situations.

Unit Coordinator

Abbott House

2017 Mar. 01 - 2018 Mar. 01

At the Abbott House I was directly managing a building of juvenile girls. These girls came from the reservations of South Dakota and other broken homes throughout under privileged sections of the midwest.

I would work directly with these girls to ensure they were well taken care of. I would be entrusted by administration to run therapy groups, and create planning and fitness classes for these girls to stay active. These job was alot more than being a care giver. It showed me how to better help youth grow to become great adults, but gave me the empathy to understand what some kids go through around the midwest. I loved spending time with them and helping them understand how far they can go in life even when they came from a tough background.

This job helped me learn great professionalism right out of college, it also helped me hone my customer service skills, and my empathy for any one that is struggling.

This position helped hone my skills at customer service professionalism heavy workloads and my empathy for people less fortunate than I am.

Program Coordinator

Nebraska Neuro Behavioral Health Services

2021 Apr. 21 - 1970 Jan. 01

Currently I work at a developmental disabilities company where I directly run the program coordination. Our company finds people who are in tough environments with special needs and find them great homes to live in. I also am the head restraint/seclusion teaching for the company and have many certifications in life saving techniques and crisis management scenarios.

This job has helped me grow my customer service skills my work ethic skills and my ability to hand very intense workloads every day.

Education and certification


Bachelors Degree

Dakota Wesleyan University

2014 Aug. 01 - 2017 May. 19

At Dakota Wesleyan University I received my bachelors degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science. The 4 years I spent here transformed my work ethic and my want to help people in any way I could. I was also the captain of our college golf team for 3 years. I also helped run and did coaching on the side with the local area schools.

Additional skills



Over the past 2 years I have went through my own fitness journey that has led me to where I was. 2 years ago I was pushing 300 pounds and decided to make a complete overhaul of my life. I started working out and then found a gym. I started coaching and writing programming for a local gym and fell in love with the fitness and nutrition industry. Since 2 years ago I have lost over 130 pounds! I have decided that my "why" in life is to coach and help people with their fitness journeys. I had a friend in Lincoln, Nebraska introduce me to Crossfit and since that first workout I have been hooked. I would love now to continue giving back in any way I can.

Short biography

Hello I am Michael Whitney. I grew up in South Dakota and played high school, collegiate, and professional golf. I decided to get into the human services/customer service field after obtaining my bachelors degrees and worked with some of the most difficult juvenile females you could imagine from the reservations of South Dakota. I wanted more of a challenge and moved to Lincoln, Nebraska to work at the states most acute mental health facility where I transitioned to being a Unit Supervisor. Here I worked directly with some of the midwest most mentally ill patients/convicts. I loved how the job showed me more about mental health than I could have every dreamed. While working at the facility I started my own fitness journey and went from a 300lb pre diabetic to 160lbs. I did this by diving head first into my own mental health, and starting to workout in my garage, and kickboxing gym. After 1 year at the kickboxing gym the owners contacted me to see if I would like to lead there classes and coaching. I accepted and fell in love with coaching and leading classes every day. I left this job after having my first child a few months ago and moved to Omaha, Nebraska with my wife and daughter. I have since been a program coordinator for a developmental disabilities company where we help clients with the state of Nebraska get placed into amazing homes. I feel like I am ready to leave this field, even though it holds a special place in my heart and dive directly into coaching and leading a gym full time. I am excited for where this journey will take me, but I know that coaching/programming/leading is where I am meant to be!



What are you most passionate about in your work? What motivates you?

Over the past 2 years I have been on a journey to discover my "why" in life. After going through my own journeys with fitness and nutrition I have found my calling for coaching and custom service. I love helping people every day in their fitness journey's and I loved the feeling of helping someone change their life for the better.

Are you willing to relocate?

I am currently located in Omaha, Nebraska and would like to stay around this area within an hour radius.

Which coaching skills do you possess that set you apart from other coaches?

The coaching skills that set me apart from others is my ability to understand multiple different types of fitness. I started out in my garage doing my own programming with just a set of bands. I then become a kickboxing instructor at a local kickboxing gym. From there started doing Crossfit and fell in love with the methodology. Other things that set me a part is that I have been where I vast majority of people have been before. I have been severely obese and have been through the perils that come with that. I have done the hard work and want to watch other people transform like I have!

Where do you see yourself in your career in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself continuing to push myself into the functional fitness field. I believe whole heartedly that I am different than anybody who applies due to my past jobs in mental health and my love for fitness. I want to work in a box and continue to work to managing a Crossfit gym.

Tell us about a coach you've worked with who has mentored you or a coach you've learned from online.

When I first started on my fitness Journey I stepped into a local gym and a coach named Jeff came to me and started being friendly right away. It came 2 be two years later that I would be leading his gym in classes and help run the day to day operations. He showed me empathy when I was struggling, he gave me praise when I did well, but he always gave me the guidance I needed to keep pushing forward. I can not thank him enough.

What are your values as a coach that differentiate you from others?

The values that differentiate me from others is my complete understanding of the mental health side of the fitness industry. My background working with servere mental health and underprivledged youth gives me a different viewpoint of the world than most people who have been in this field for years. I have seen the worst in humanity, and that drives me every day to help people who are less fortunate and get them start using fitness as a way to drive positive mental health change. I also think my values of coming from a place where a lot of people are right now speaks volumes to the work I am willing to put into other people who are wanting to change their bodies and their minds.

Which certification or seminar has had the biggest impact on your coaching skills?

The seminar that had the biggest impact on my coaching was going to my first class on how to coach individuals and run a class. I was beyond nervous and like everyone who starts right away, I was afraid. Luckily I had amazing coaches who saw that I was willing to pour my whole heart and soul into this field. They took me a side and told me that I was going to help more people than I realize right now. From that day forward I have made it my mission in life to help others and I am excited to continue to do that for the rest of my days.

What Specialty Programs can you create for your new facility?

I have been lucky enough throughout the years to have written programming for kids, for the elderly, for mental ill patients, and did every day programming and coaching in kickboxing. I also have done Crossfit and understand the programming regime that goes into creating great functional fitness programming in a box.

Are you a military veteran?

I am not a military veteran. Thank you to all that serve or have served!




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