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Thor Jacobsson Rytter

Thor Jacobsson Rytter

I’m energic young man who loves CF and the community that CF creates. I’m looking for a box where I can develop and improve as a CF coach. I’m always prepared to learn from my co-instructors and acknowledge that I always have things to improve upon. I like to connect with members both professinally and socially. I also strive to be a good coworker and try my very best to contrivute to a good work-environment. Relocating to a new area is also fine by me!

  • locationDenmark
  • jobRemote, relocation for the right position
Planning. Communication
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Work experience




2020 Dec. 18 - 2021 Oct. 14

Instructing classes with up to 16 members up to 4-8 classes a week. Planing the structure of the class including the WOD..

Still employed.

Planning communicateing instructing

Education and certification


General biology and chemistry

Skive Gymnasium

2018 Aug. 14 - 2021 Jun. 23

Studying biology and chemistry in a general and sometimes deeper degree.

Short biography

I've been involved in the Crossfit community for about four years. I love the cummunity and it’s ability to bring people together. My goal is to help people and make them a better version of them selves through Crossfit.



What are you most passionate about in your work? What motivates you?

I like to be active. In my offtime i lile to spend time with my friends where we often do activies such as training, wakeboarding, parachuting and going out.

Are you willing to relocate?

Yes, would like to get the chance to see other places, people and cultures!

Which coaching skills do you possess that set you apart from other coaches?

I communicate well with memebers and im eager to develop in all areas of coaching and crossfit in general

Where do you see yourself in your career in 5 years?

In 5 years I’ve have been coaching abroad for maybe 2-3 years. I have returned to Denmark (if i feel like it) and have perhaps started studying again. Perhaps as fysiotherpist or something within the healthsector.

Tell us about a coach you've worked with who has mentored you or a coach you've learned from online.

Steffan Bruun Brogaard - Thougth me always to be humble and the importants of always being willing to learn new things. To take every challange with a smile and curage.

What are your values as a coach that differentiate you from others?

A loyal and willing worksource who is willing and quick to learn!

Which certification or seminar has had the biggest impact on your coaching skills?


What Specialty Programs can you create for your new facility?

I’ve been in charge of creating both WODS for both endurance classes.

Are you a military veteran?





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