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Yael Hayes

Yael Hayes

I'm a CrossFit L2 trainer

  • locationZurich, Switzerland
  • jobRemote, relocation for the right position
programming Cueing problem-solving lesson planning scaling keeping the box clean nutrition coaching etc. Nutritional coaching Mindset coaching Training Trouble shooting conflict resolution etc.
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CrossFit L2 Trainer

THE BOX - Fitness And Health

2020 Nov. 01 - 2021 Dec. 01

As a coach, I take care of general technique training, regular CrossFit classes, MetCon classes, Weightlifting classes and Mobility training. The safety, fun and progress of every single one of my athlete's is what drives me to improve. I'm constantly trying to find better cues and understand movements better, so I may be a more effective coach - and it's paying off!

Cueing Problem-solving Lesson planning Programming Scaling Keeping the box clean Nutrition coaching

Precision Nutrition L1 Coach

2019 May. 01 - 2021 Dec. 01

I work with overweight, obese, and morbidly obese clients, using targeted techniques to address their food habits and behaviors and help them adopt healthier and more mindful lifestyles. The goal of my coaching is not just to deliver nutritional and workout advice, but specifically to address the psychological factors behind their weight gain. Nutritional, physical, AND psychological education help them navigate their behaviors far more sovereignly and build up their self-efficacy when it comes to losing weight. More and more, I am finding my niche in children from a very young age (this includes family coaching), to adults up to 35-40 years old and am planning to offer group programs as well, using a "buddy system", as it's proven very effective for my clients until now, who have chosen to come to group sessions. Having always been interested in health, I entered this field due to my own experience. When I was 100kg / 220 lbs, there were no coaches around who understood all the psychological difficulties and obstacles, being obese entails. And what techniques are needed to dig oneself out of there. So, after I put in the research and work to lose the weight, I chose to be that coach for others.

Nutritional coaching Mindset coaching Training Programming Trouble shooting Conflict resolution

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